Premier Felszerelés PG-6646 Önindító Csere Ford Excursion 00-05, Expedíció 99-14, F150 F-150 99-13, F250 F-250-Super Vám 99-13, Mustang 05-10, 4L34-11000-AA, SFD0024, 5L34-11000-AA

Premier Felszerelés PG-6646 Önindító Csere Ford Excursion 00-05, Expedíció 99-14, F150 F-150 99-13, F250


HUF 9574.20
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1.4k W/12 Volt, Clockwise Rotation, 12-Tooth Pinion Ford, Noseless, Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction.Replaces OEM# 5 L34-11000-AA, 5 L3 Z-11002-A, 5 R3 Z-11002-A, 6 C3 T-11000-BA, 6 C3 Z-11002-BA, 6 L34-11000-CA, 6 L3 Z-11002-CA, 6 L3 Z-11 V002-CRM1, 6 R3 T-11000-CA, 6 R3 Z-11002-A, 6 R3 Z-11 V002-ARM, 7 L14-11000-AA, 7 L1 Z-11002-A, 9 L34-11000-AB, 9 L3 Z-11002-A, 9 L3 Z-11002-ABRM, DU2 Z-11 V002-CRM, F81 U-11000-AA, F81 U-11000-AB, F81 U-11000-AC, F81 U-11000-AD, F81 U-11000-AE, F81 Z-11000-AC, F81 Z-11002-AA, F81 Z-11002-AARM, F81 Z-11002-AC, F81 Z-11 V002-AARM.Also Replaces OEM# YC3 U-11000-AA, YC3 U-11000-AB, YC3 U-11000-AC, 5 L34-AA, 6 C3 T-BA, 6 L34-CA, F81 U-AA, F81 U-AB, F81 U-AC, F81 U-AD, F81 U-AE, RM7 U2 J11 A230 DA, RM9 L3411000 AB, RMDU2 J11 A230 CA, YC3 U-AA, YC3 U-AB, YC3 U-AC, 7 L14-AA, 4 L34-11000-AA.Compatible With/Replacement For : Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty (2002-2002), Ford Excursion (2000-2005), Ford Expedition (1999-2014), Ford F-150 (1999-2013), Ford F-150 Heritage (2004-2004), Ford F-250 (1999-1999), Ford F-250 Super Duty (1999-2013), Ford F-350 Super Duty (1999-2013), Ford F-450 Super Duty (1999-2013), Ford F-550 Super Duty (1999-2013), Ford F53 (1999-2013), Ford Mustang (2005-2010), Lincoln Blackwood (2002-2002), Lincoln Mark LT (2006-2008), Lincoln Navigator (1999-2013). 100% New Aftermarket Starter, high performance machining of the starter casing for ease of installation and solid joining of the starter housing and your vehicle's mounting surfaces.Technology in starting systems has advanced dramatically in automotive and Powersports applications in recent years.The demand for starters that can provide reliable torque in any environmental condition increases each year.Automotive and Powersports enthusiasts demand dependable starting power regardless of the conditions.Premier Gear Starters are designed to exceed the performance of the original starter in your vehicle or any remanufactured starter sold as a replacement.Premier Gear replacement starters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment unit we are replacing.Premier Gear starters are completely new manufactured, using high-quality, tested and inspected components.Nothing is remanufactured or previously used.With hundreds of applications available, there is most likely a Premier Gear starters are available to fit your car, truck or SUV.All finished products are fully validated to O.E.M.specifications and standards for performance and fit.Starters going through RPM, torque, voltage, output and solenoid performance rounds.All applications are endurance and environmental validated. 3-Point triple-lip full contact hybrid polyacrylic seals.Kyodo Yushi high temperature grease.A grease composition for high-temperature, high-speed and high-loads.

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